How does the NAET treatment work? (NAET in a nutshell)

Call to NAET and other experts: If you find errors or shortcomings in the explanation, do us a favor and pass this on. Literature: "Life without allergies!" Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, ISBN 2-9515244-6-3, available through the NAET therapist and through NAET.nl . "Life without allergies!" is the translation of the English-language book "Say Goodbye to Illness" by Dr. Devi S. Nambrudipad. This book contains numerous stories of exceptional healings and explains how NAET works. This book is available through the NAET therapists.

NAET-Treatment, how does it work

NAET tubesThe patient will lie on his stomach and gets breathing instructions. The massage therapist a few acupressure points on the back.

These meridians that are running are connected to all organs, all the meridians, the nerves and brains. Thus, all the gathered information across all parts of the body including the brains. During the massage, the patient is in contact with the energy of the allergen or the sensitive emotion. The presence of this energy previously led to the stagnation of energy through the meridians. This resulted in an allergic reaction. By massaging However, given the energy and impulse, the energy flows abundantly. Body and mind of the patient's record now that energy through the body rich can continue to flow despite the presence of the allergen, so learning that this energy do not compromise and remember it. Thus, the body and mind 'reset'. You could also say that your body or your brains to be reprogrammed! The energy of the allergen does not anymore to "alarm" and that this energy had to eliminate blockages in our meridians are cleared. The result is that your body back to normal response to this matter and that the allergic reaction in the sequel continues. Also read: " What causes an allergy? " (Or: "How are the bugs in our body?"). The treatment leads to familiarize your body back is made ​​with a substance or emotion which it remembered that this led to overloading of the meridians. NAET is characterized by a clear system. First, the response of the body normalized to the most essential nutrients, are called basic. These include protein, calcium, vitamins, iron, minerals, salts, sugars and grains. Once these nutrients back to normal by the body may be recorded, often quite a physical and mental health benefits achieved. Furthermore, pursuant to the body through muscle testing in which order the involuntary treatment. Sure enough you have no idea how intelligent your body.  The removal of blockages which normally leads to detoxification. Toxins that were previously saved, are now removed from the body through various ways. Some treatments for the body can therefore quite severe. Too large waste stream may be too much for certain organs like the spleen. And therefore it may well be that the body indicates that it is not ready for certain treatments. But then again who later addressed. Sometimes you can disable underlying allergy or emotion. It has the same affect as removing a box where there are other boxes on top. These are then automatically. And if the body can handle it, is of course ideal. At a later stage are often heavier sensitivities discussed. Not infrequently, this concerns emotional sensitivities, indicating that the meridians are often emotional baggage burden. But it can also involve such a severe allergy to eggs. Egg is virtually on top of the basic's. But if treatment is still too heavy for the body, it may well be that the body is like any other ballast advance first want to say. In that case, you can not directly work on eliminating your biggest and most obvious allergy. NAET does not make use of creams, pills or needles. You do anything to get inside (NAET is a non-invasive as they express it in America). Supplements for deficiencies, belong to the possibilities.

NAET kinesiology muscletesting diagnosis

muscle testMuscletesting is derived from Kinesiology. NAET adapted this muscletesting to it's own needs.

NAET is a combination of the knowledge of acupuncture and kinesiology and is specifically aimed at eliminating allergies, intolerances, sensitivities * and emotional blockages. NAET, like kinesiology and acupuncture, uses the meridians (energy pathways) and points. In NAET these meridians by hand massage, hammers and a acpasonic properly addressed.

If diagnostic tool does NAET therapy with muscle testing (more on the next page: How does muscle testing? ) from kinesiology. This muscle test may well be determined whether there is someone there are sensitivities and can determine the extent of fighting a certain allergy / emotional blockage effect on the condition that bother you.

The alternative allergytest cannot distinguish between allergies and intolerances. Alternatively, imbalance and the stress response measured by the presence of an allergen induces the body. What to NAET allergy is called, is a collective name for allergies / intolerances / sensitivities, everything leads to imbalance in the body. The alternative methods are more sensitive and cause therefore generally results in a longer laundry list of "allergies" than the regular test methods. Allergies demonstrated through regular way, are usually always diagnosed by the alternative test method. Because of their sensitivity, the alternative testing methods while also susceptible to interference. Therefore, appropriate training and experience to underlie the testing and treatment. During muscle testing, the patient is brought into contact with the energy of possible allergens / emotions. This energy is stored in glass ampoules by the patient during the testing and treatment in his hand to hold. Instead of glass ampoules which are energetically charged with the energy of an allergen (for an explanation of how those ampoules, see " The relationship between homeopathy and NAET " ), can also work with a glass enclosure containing a quantity of the allergen or the recall of emotion.  The body feels the energy of the substance through the glass recognize it. When it comes to an allergen, you get a weak muscle test. So you know that the patient becomes weakened by this material and this substance is an allergen for the patient. After checking that the patient on this matter may be treated (or not this treatment is too intense for the patient), treatment begins. Using muscle testing also determined the order in which your allergies should be treated.


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Source: www.ki-net.nl and www.orthokin.nl. The therapist has a closet full of bottles (small ampoules). These bottles are loaded with the energies of many different substances and emotions that people may be hypersensitive to respond. During muscle testing you need a bottle in one hand and to your other arm stretch. The therapist will then exert force on this arm. The idea is that you will react strongly if you are not allergic to that substance and that you clearly perceptible weakening will respond if you are allergic to this substance. Also, the practitioner through the muscle test yes / no questions to the body, while weak and strong stands for yes for no. This contrasts with the kinesiology, which corresponds to strong yes and weak with "no." path through the muscle test you can test and what emotions a debilitating effect on you. Thoughts, memories or emotions you off balance, during therapy a weak muscle test. When treating memories are cited and briefly you can be asked again to live in a particular memory. However, it is certainly not that just like with a psychologist on the couch to lie down and your whole painful story to cough up. If desired, you can simply love you story. Muscle Testing by experienced people to easily and quickly. Thanks to the muscle test, a practitioner quickly determine what to do and he can quickly and efficiently to work. If it is not possible to muscle test for certain individuals to perform, such as in babies or in people with pain, the muscle test performed by another person, often called surrogate or intermediary, for example, the parent or partner. The muscle testing, we have also made ​​their own, and you can also test yourself on what you strong and weak response.Incidentally managed Lenard initially not so good for the muscle test yourself to perform. Apparently not everyone succeeds equally well in there immediately. Using a Touch for Health course Lenard muscle testing now mastered. We have just the course 'Touch for Health "followed and know now enough about the muscle testing. The training lasted a total of 4 weekends (4 x 18 hours) . The muscle testing is not a specialist, the course was not hard or difficult, so anyone can learn. Unfortunately, in a nutshell explaining how muscle testing works and how a reliable muscle test can come. Some things we can already tell .

NAET... checking out

After treatment, the patiënt has to wait for a moment. Then he's being doublechecked to see if the treatment was succesfull.

After treatment, the patient is usually seated in the waiting room with the glass vial that contains the energy of the allergen in his hand. This allows the body to experience the rich energy continues to flow despite the presence of the allergen in a moment of work. After a while tests whether the patient still reacts to the allergen (ie whether the treatment is successful) and the patient can go home.

25 hours avoidanance

After 25 hours the patient should remain in contact with the allergen to avoid. It has to do with the operation of the meridians. The meridians provide information to each other, but not all are active simultaneously. But within a 25-hour cycle, they all come at once addressed. And by 25 hours of the allergen to avoid, the information that this substance does not endanger the physical transmitted to all other meridians. In some cases it is very difficult to 25 hours to avoid contact with an allergen, but there is everywhere a sleeve to adapt.

After 25 hours avoiding the allergy is eliminated. The next time the patient returned to his therapist will first appear nagetest or previous treatment was successful. If you are not 25 hours with the substance may come into contact, the following site helpful: http://users.pandora .be / long life / index.html. Here is described in detail in what foods prevent certain vitamins and minerals. NAET Each therapist uses his knowledge as an acupuncturist, kinesiologist, chiropractor, etc., in addition to NAET. That only works in your favor. The way your therapist may differ from the method described on this site. It is therefore quite possible that your therapist still complement the NAET treatment supplements or Bach remedies for, or acupuncture with needles apply. Ask your therapist to avoid any surprises afterwards.  * Allergies: Note: NAET allergy defines quite differently than you are used from the mainstream perspective. How NAET allergy define, refer to: " What is an allergy? ". NAET does not distinguish between allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.

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