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Ryan-Thompson-naet-helped-meAllergys and emotional hypersensitivity are very well treatable. That's what we discovered ourselves as both of us suffered from daily stomach ache. "Learn to live with it!", "Nothing wrong with you!" our doctors said to us. But we tried NAET and got rid of the pain. Ryan started www.naet-helped-me.com in the USA. Lenard started www.allergie-weg.nl in the Netherlands. Now whe join our efforts on Allergya.com. WELCOME!

Lenard-allergie-wegThis is 2011!!! Thanks to internet information spreads quickly around the world, providing complementairy health the opportunity to develop very quickly. Profound diagnose and treatmenttechniques distinguis themselves from the rest and get noticed, used, combined and transformed into new improved treatment techniques swiftly.

Allergya.com gathers testimonials to show your what alternative or complementairy medicine can do. All testimonials on our website are authentic and checked checked1.

Not only for allergies!!!
NAET focuses on disbalances in your body, both to physical hypersensitivity (allergies) as well as emotional hypersensitivity. Essentially there is(was) not much difference between these two kinds of hypersensitivity. They are like brick and cement that hold each other in place. Read more about the connection between allergies and emotional hypersensitivity: psychosomatic disorders!

Missing link
NAET started in 1981. NAET appeared to be "the missing link" for kinesiologists. Kinesiologists were allready succesfull diagnosing allergies, physical and emotional hypersensitivities and managing them. But unfortunatly, the effect of treatment only got so far, softening the allergic reaction and prescribing ' elimination-diets' (many treatment-techniques still are stuck on this level). The disadvantage of this is that people often developped new hypersensitivities. The arrival of NAET, really eliminating allergies and hypersensitivities, changed this. No more diets! Eat, drink, breath and touch as you wish!

What's NAET!
NAET (Nambudripad''s Allergy Elimination Technique), the above mentioned treatment-techniques, NMT (Neuro-Modulation Techniques), BioSET are not being distinguised on Allergya.com. NAET is an alternative treatment technique, specialising in the elimination of allergies and emotional hypersensitivities. We have benefitted so much by this treatment that we became very enthousiastic about it. We hope you will become as enthousiastic as well by reading all of our testimonials of peers trying these therapies! We hope you will experience more energy and good health as a result of these treatments.

We got the chance to personally experience the effects of NAET. NAET achieves what western medicine considers to be impossible. The results of this we witnessed ourselves and to many other people close to us. Our vision on health, treating disorders has changed has changed forever. now we want to share our knowledge. We want you to find your way to health as well.

Best regards,
Lenard Verheijden (Netherlands) & Ryan Thompson (Colorado - USA)

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The effect of NAET

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